02 Oct

If you are used to having a garbage disposal in your kitchen then not having it will be a challenge.  It allows you to avoid having to remove tiny bits of foods from the dishes before you do them.   The garbage disposal can save you from having to unclog the sink every now and then as a result of accumulated food pieces.  When it is time to replace your garbage disposal, information on the main factors to consider in such a case is crucial so that you can know what to do. It is a simple device and making a choice should not be that difficult.   When you pick a quality disposer, it will serve you for longer and the experience will be positive.   There are two main types of garbage disposer feed types namely the batch feed and the continuous feed type.  The continuous kinds are more popular and easy to use.   You can have a wall switch to control their power and the mouth is open.   For the batch feed unit, you need a stopper lid for activation and it should fit tightly on the disposer mouth.  There is no possibility for the unit to turn on while you have your hand stuck in the disposal unit.  Also, you won't have the unit turning on when there are unwanted items into it.  However, the batch feed garbage disposers are less popular and expensive. Do check this homepage for info.

You need to consider the garbage disposer motor size as well.  It is usually rated in terms of the horsepower.   It can be 1 HP,  1/2  HP,  1/3  HP or even  3/4  HP.  For a household,  1/2  HP garbage disposal will be okay.   Anything above 3/4 HP will make the kitchen experience much better for you because the operations will be much smoother not to mention there will be fewer jams.  Larger motors will work well for you if you do not have the time to sort what is getting into the drain.   Check the garbage disposal grinding chamber too.  It is the action chamber when it comes to the garbage disposal.  The motor size goes hand in hand with the garbage disposal.   Choose a stainless steel grinding chamber for durability and ease of cleaning. You'll want to know how Replace Your Garbage Disposal can help you.

The auto-reverse is meant to avoid jamming.   The rotations of the garbage disposal will automatically reverse in the event that something gets stuck.  This is essential in cases of tough materials not to forget overloads which can cause system failure. Here's how to fully use your garbage disposer: https://youtu.be/rNZoavzF-GM 

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